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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Procrastination: Darning

I'm the queen of it. This is hard, even for me to believe: I've had six (count them) six pairs of hand knit socks in the "mending basket" for ages. Every time I'd see them (or run out of handknit socks) I'd keep saying (to myself): I need to get them darned! Apparently I don't listen to myself much. However, I did (over a year ago) purchase this lovely darning tool. So I'm working on them. So far I've restored 2 pairs to the wearable sock drawer; this one is almost done. I'm taking precautions and reinforcing the heels that have not worn through. This one is the very first sock I ever knit. I intend to wear them until they simply can't be worn!
I now reinforce all my sock heels with wooly nylon or a second strand of what I'm knitting or a contrasting color. I've learned. I also must be constantly vigilant about filing down my calloused heels because that's the main culprit. So I file and add shea butter lotion. A healthy combo.
Yesterday was Knitters of the North monthly meeting. We have fun with sharing our projects, talking about the charity projects, getting news from various fiber circles, and planning upcoming events. Good times, good people. Next Saturday one of our members is doing a seminar on knitting a top down baby sweater. In April, Nancy Wild is coming to do a hands-on event: hand painting sock yarn...that one sounds like it could become dangerous!


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