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Monday, March 05, 2007

A new week...

I feel sorta like today has come and gone with nothing much to show for it. And then there's the laundry, still to be done. I did go to a lunch at work, honoring employees with 5, 10 and 15 years of service in the organization. Me? I'm a 15 yearer. Does one feel honored, like they've accomplished something OR uneasy at life just moving along without notice? One day you wake up and it's 15 years later...

At some point I will put a few thoughts here about my dear Dad who passed on January 19th. We were at peace about his passing (graduation day, as he called it). The family was together for all the arrangements in Portland, and we had a good time. Lots of memories and sharing. Now we're back to our "lives": making sense out of, and negotiating our individual worlds without our Dad/Grandfather/Husband in it. Endings usher in "first time" events, don't they? Dad was 93.

Here's a progress photo of my current "car knitting" project. A project is a car project if it meets the criteria of "mindless". The traffic always clears, the lights turn green, so one can't be trying to navigate lace or cables when navigating the car...This one is a "charity sweater". It's just Wool Ease (red and black, random stripes). The project comes from Knit for Kids. They always need sweaters and our guild is encouraging members to contribute as a "challenge project". The pattern couldn't be easier and is on the website. I changed it in order to knit on a circular needle. I'll soon divide for the combined sleeves/top.

Regular work schedule the rest of the week. Catch you later!


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