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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thinking about blogging again...

I've been thinking about this blogging thing. No posting in a very long time. Should I delete the blog or start again? One of the problems I've had is figuring out how to make my sidebar work and not understanding the gut workings of html and how blogger works. Today I found out that I should switch to the "New Blogger". I am skeptical. I just want whatever I use to work, I don't really want to have to learn computer programming. I don't want any more life frustration...Whatever.
Guess I'll take another stab at it. I enjoy my daily perusing of a limited number of blogs, but I end up thinking that I don't have much to say of any interest. Bear with me as I do some catching up. This may not be interesting.
Several things are new in my life. Like a new laptop computer that actually moves at modern speed. I think I was a victim of Norton Security gumming up my hard drive and bogging down my computer, for one thing. The new computer with wireless has enhanced my life in many ways!
I've been knitting quite a bit and also quilting. I found my camera. And the new computer has this slot in the side of it where a person can stick the SD thingie from the camera. This could be useful. I'll not try to cover it all today, but will take some pictures and do some project photo journaling of those as I go along.
Knitting: Today was our guild informal "Masters and Mentors" group. It was originally formed as a format for those working on TKGA Master Knitter program to get together and compare work, get advice from those who've completed the program, and support those who are working on their credential. Several of our members have completed at least the first level, and at least one has completed all three. Anyway. It's mostly now just a "sit and knit" opportunity and of late it's been a venue for working on charity projects. Today there were only 3 of a "guest" who wanted help with a lovely Aran sweater project...I finished my Thrummed Mittens (insert picture here) and the other member worked on sewing blanket squares (charity project). It's always an enjoyable time. Knitters are good people.
Over the next few days, I'll see how Picassa interfaces with the "New Blogger" and The New Computer. Next: Thrummed Mittens. (Oh, yeah, that brings up the whole subject of "where did I get the roving???")


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