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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturday Update

Summer seems to be winding down in Alaska. In the air, you can detect the shift, the changing angle of the sun--the feel in the air. And since it's August, there is the rain. And the clouds. This is the time of year we know it's almost over.
Today was Knit Guild. I'll put a link to the Knitters of the North in the sidebar, once I figure out how to make those categories line up properly. I need tech support, but those people long ago left home. Lots of new guild stuff going on: a new challenge for the fall that I am heading up along with attempting to infuse new life and excitement in the group by starting some local "swaps". I'll be working to get some files and notices posted in the next week. The upcoming Saturday Seminar next weekend is on felting techniques. I've decided to knit a hat that I can felt.
Now, knitting a hat is not difficult, but the problem is that all I have been knitting over the summer is socks. I'm not sure I know how to knit anything else at this point. Socks have become my automatic "default" and de-stressing aid. So, I'll be working outside my comfort zone this week...
I did find stash yarn to use for the hat. It's so cool to dig into the stash!
But there have been a few purchase episodes this week. Of course for sock yarn! But also some cool and different dishcloth yarns!
Yes, I received notification of my dishcloth swap recipient's details....and I am excited! She likes bright colors, and today's "find" defines the term "bright". I'll be knitting this one with my sunglasses on....which is very appropriate since the recipient resides "down under".
Think I'll check the needle bin and cast-on for the "hat" tonight. Maybe I'll get some pictures posted before too long....It's gonna take a bit to post all the sock fotos. Which I haven't taken yet....


  • Hi!! I'm saying hello to all the Dishcloth Swap people!! Nice to know that over there you all knit socks in the Summer!! We have all bought up big ready for the onslaught of the heat when we can't bear to knit anything bigger than a sock!!! Or now, a dishcloth maybe!!!

    By Anonymous 2paw, At 4:59 AM  

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