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Monday, August 07, 2006

Am I back??

The last months (I guess that means the entire winter and now summer) have been a troubled and "funky" time. I have been too depressed to write positive items in this space. I'm still in that "place" but decided to start posting again. At least I'll post today. I'll try to keep up and just write it as I see it.
I wanted to join a "dishcloth swap"...and for this I needed to list my URL. I didn't want to enter a blog site that hadn't been updated in months. So here I am. Maybe joining another blog based knitting swap will help me get back in the blogging mode.
I won't have pictures for a bit. Or maybe I will. It's just that everything seems to take too much energy. You know, anything "extra".
So here's the link to the dishcloth site; I think the entry deadline is August 9th. Dishcloth Swap .
I do have some sock stories to discuss...and even a sweater in progress story. And some quilt projects. I guess there is content to report! For those who care about such things, stay tuned.


  • Well I for one am happy to see you back, for whatever the reason! I'm sorry you've been depressed. I hope you are talking to someone about it, being an RN i'm sure you know that there are things that can help. I'm greatful to Lexapro, it's been a big help for me.

    By Blogger Mitchypoo, At 2:48 PM  

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