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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Finished Object: Hi Mom!

Mom's Socks (click photo for clearer)
It's time to say hi and 'fess up regarding the non-posting. Here it is: nothing.
Nothing exciting to talk about. Now listen to me go on and on about nothing!
I have sorta not been feeling real well lately, but hoping to dig my way out of it soon. Don't know, just no energy. Extreme fatigue. Not sleeping well to boot. Stuff. I'm off work this week but need to go in and do some paperwork damage control. Tomorrow?
So check out the socks (not sox, mom). They are a pair. Completely finished, ends woven in. AND, I added elastic thread to the ribbed cuff last night. I was worried about the cotton not being snug enough. I think they will be ok; I hope they fit.
Size 1 dpns
Fortissma Cotton Colori (75% cotton, 25% nylon)
Cast on 68 stitches and winged it from there...
They are cute. When I knit in public all questions began with "are you making a baby ____?" It does look like baby yarn.

I am finishing the heel gusset on "mixed berries" sock #1 and have turned the heel on "Friday Harbor". I messed up the pattern on the instep, but am ignoring it. It will be ok. Love the Koigu. Oh, and I put the borders on the latest quilt. Hope to finish putting the backing together in the next couple days and hook up with the machine quilter soon...I have some baby quilts that are on the cutting mat at the moment.
Lots to do, I am currently behind in almost every life category. Later...
(Oh, by the way, I added "word recognition" to my comments since last week I got a less than nice spam type comment. What's wrong with some people??)



    By Blogger Janet, At 11:55 AM  

  • I touched them and saw the beautifully done stitches. So SOFT! The Kitchener sts were so PERFECT!! Mom LOVES them and almost didn't send them to me to look @ since we wear the same shoe size!! She has them back now. This love has made her very happy!

    By Blogger Janet, At 7:47 AM  

  • Hi Barb!
    Your GSN pal needs to know a little more about you so please post and please answer the GSN questions so i have an idea of who you are and some needle stuff you might like.

    Your GSN Pal!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:27 AM  

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