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Friday, June 10, 2005

Where in the world have I been?

Long time, no write.
I went on a trip. To Portland, Oregon to celebrate my parent's 65th wedding anniversary on May 28th. It was a good time of reconnecting with family from far and wide: various California locations, Rhode Island, and Alaska. A good time was had by all! It was a tiring trip, and my return home involved the aircraft having to turn around and return to Seattle, 30 minutes after take-off. It was all about the APUs and generators not working and the pilots being unable to restart them. Power is a good thing when 30000+ feet in the air. The rest of the week back at work suffered from the tiring trip and the flight delays.
Knitting news is kinda dismal. I am still working on "the sock"; but at least the corner has been turned, and I am heading down the home stretch, aiming my needles towards the toe. I just want to wear it!
My sister in Portland is a knitting maniac. She has made 3+ pairs of socks to my 1.5. Plus lots of other neat stuff. I photographed her "stash closet". I am sure there are other, larger stashes out there in the knitting blog world. But hers is fairly large. Now, I am not jealous, I just think of her stash when I feel guilty buying more yarn! The guilt disappears at that point. Hopefully, over the weekend, I will get the time to update as much as I can and post a few pictures. In the meantime, work is draining me.


  • It was sooooo good to see everyone for our parent's 65th!! Yes, Barb did take pix of my stash. (I was told by LYS owner that the yarn has to be stashed to "age", so, of course I did buy the Lorna's Laces Shep sock yarn that was still in the shipping case! What, did you expect. . . that I WOULDN'T!!)
    What Barb left out about my stash is that there is a document taped in the yarn stash closet that SHE WROTE, we both signed so that if I pre-decease her, she GETS IT, w/a codicile reading that she should share w/my children should they take up knitting. So, my stash ISN'T JUST FOR ME??? How good is that rationalization??!!
    Also, I MAY be a knitting maniac as Barb said, but the part she left out was that I am basically homebound and on my adjustable bed about 60-80% of the time because of an immune disorder that remains nameless. So, I guess I could also be called a "proxy" knitter, you, know, I'm knitting for several people? Not sure that works tho'.

    If any of you saw the amazing quilts Barb has made, you'd know how terrifically artistic/creative she is.
    Barb is new to knitting,but
    her socks, other knits I've seen don't look like she's new to fibercraft!! I wish Barb had a photo album of all the quilting things she's done including totes, wall hangings and a lot of things I've not seen. I'm blessed to have such a great sister!!

    By Blogger Janet, At 10:41 AM  

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