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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I can hardly wait to put them on my feet! The only item left is to weave in the ends on sock #2. I have not mastered kitchener yet, but oh well. I will do some practicing. My sis sent me this link. It is a Socks 101 Tutorial. I looked it over briefly; it seems to be a good site with excellent pictures illustrating each step of the sock-making process. Again, I reiterate: follow the directions when "turning the heel". The directions will seem screwball. You'll say, "that can't be right". But the magic will occur if you are careful!
Agenda Items:
Doggie eyes and illness
Beautiful weather
Hmmm. What's next on the knit calendar?
Stephanie's Rant
Doggie Days
Yesterday I took Miss Whitney to the doggie ophthalmologist. Yes, it's true. Now Shih-tzus are a docile breed, but even the eye doc was amazed at how well behaved and tolerant she was. Lots of testing, poking and prodding of the eyes which involved great patience on the part of an elderly dog unprepared for such actions. She was amazing, and the doc thinks she will be helped by a rigorous medication schedule. We are hopeful.
This morning, however, I was awakened by dear Miss Whitney. She was so embarrassed to tell me about her nighttime mishaps. Without going into much detail, I will say that my morning involved activities having to do with large amounts of dog poop: cleaning carpets, laundering bedding, laundering myself and the embarrassed doggie, and cooking rice. We are better this afternoon, thank you very much.
Officially, I am on vacation, although I did go in to work for 4 hours yesterday. I made progress on charts and correspondence. I did not finish, but made a dent that may get me through next week. To be continued...Anticipating the visit from DS#2 and DDIL#2 from Juneau next week! Code: Tech support. and Fun. Hopefully we can (all 6 of us--that includes local DS and DDIL) go see "Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe". Also making arrangements to visit Portland at the end of next month. Janet (sister) and I will pet yarn and knit (hopefully) and celebrate our parents 65th wedding anniversary!
The weather here in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska is record breaking. Clear blue skies and low 60s. I think my coworkers are a bit sour grapes that I selected such beautiful days to be "out of the clinic". Did I consult the Farmer's Almanac? No. Duh.
Knit Calendar:
I reverted back to working on the simple lace scarf. I told myself that I needed to finish something that has already been started. BUT the siren song of the sock yarn sitting on the sofa is making me crazy! I must promise to finish the felted mittens for my 2 DS by cutting into the luscious suede pieces, designing the palms and sewing them on. I have everything, why don't I just do it? It's the sock thing. To be continued...
and Knit Picks. Has anyone purchased yarn from them? Please share. Do you like the yarn? Does it knit up nicely? The prices are awesome. I want to try it.
Did anyone read Stephanie's blog this week? Quite a rant on April 22nd. (I am so enjoying her book!) Oh, those days of raising children.They grow up sooo fast. I gave birth "yesterday", and now look at them. It's scary. I never waxed as eloquent as Stephanie, but I can recall saying or thinking some of those same things in my own scrambled, demented version. Those people who used to *make me crazy* from time to time are now responsible adults, employed doing such things as *gasp* "control air traffic", "install security systems", and more. They are both loving and committed husbands to wonderful women. In other words, those "times" are fleeting and temporary, no matter how crazy making they can be. Thank you God, you've always seen me through!


  • I found this while looking for BASIC SOCK PATTERN:
    Someone will know of a better one If so, PLEASE let me know?
    I checked out kitchener st on "Socks 101" website and realized that my Mom showed me that long ago when teaching me to join parts of a sweater, etc. So I'm not feeling so intimidated!? Wait til I get there and then ask me how much blood I sweat over K st!
    DH wound Lion Brand Wool Ease (pink) and I have size 5 needles to CO and sz 4 DP to divide, then knit socks with. However, I did try manipulating divided sts on DP and I AM CHALLENGED by that, so I'll just have the pictures from "socks 101" up on my laptop beside my bed and keep saying my mantra "DP knitting is calming/graceful/FUN"!!
    Barb gets the Oscar (or raspberry?)for getting me into this. I decided I'm not really competing w/her, I like the challenge of learning to do something new that I didn't think I was up to trying!!So there!!
    Another fun thing I do (besides trying to keep up w/baby sis) is reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's _At Knit's End_ in the am to have a great laugh before I start knitting . . . it counters all the stitches I may have to take out!!!

    By Blogger Janet, At 7:56 AM  

  • You're almost finished with your first pair?! You're faster than me. I'm about half the way finished with the second one. I can't wait. I already bought more sock yarn.
    I haven't used Knit Picks yet but I've heard VERY good things about their yarn. Most say that you get wonderful yarn for low prices. I'm going to check it out soon. I have to finish some projects before I can knit anymore socks. =0(
    Your poor doggie! I hope she's feeling better. My cat, Oliver, had a sore eye this week. It didn' get bad enough for a vet visit thank goodness. I think that one of his brothers must of scratched him during play.
    Loving reading your blog! I hope you recieved some tech support.

    By Anonymous laura, At 11:11 PM  

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