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Monday, April 11, 2005

Power Weekend (powerpoint, that is)

The weekend flew by. As usual. I was buried, up to my eyeballs working on my presentation that I have to give this afternoon. Still need to do some revision, but first things first: catch up on the blogs and projects in knit-blog land.
The more I look at Cable 8 (hosted by Poor Miss Finch), the more I like it! Having attended a cabling class recently, I am suppressing the "fear". (Please note: I will learn how to link soon!)
And Stephanie (famous author) talked about fear in her new book: something like it's ok to be afraid to try skydiving, but it's not ok to be afraid of a knitting project! Follow Stephanie's book tour here: and get the book! Try this link to Amazon:
(note to Janet: do not buy this book) can you guess why?
Ok, like I said, I will get the link thing soon!
And one more. Look at this scarf! Is it beautiful or what?
The scarf's creator resides here:
I know this looks super confusing, but ONE link at a time. Anyway, I am tempted to bid on the scarf. It's for a great cause. Which reminds me that on Saturday at the guild meeting, one of the members showed her original scarf creation, being submitted to ? (I'm not sure!) for judging. It was a gorgeous original cable design in pink--in honor of breast cancer as well. Wonderful work!
Back to powerpoint land!


  • So, I'm not planning a skydiving experience, so I don't get why I'm not allowed to get Stephanie's book . . . but I'll go along w/Barb suggestion.
    Loved the scarf!!I've done a lot of stuff like that, now, as I said I'm into "simple" . . . recently got a book on "free-form" knitting . . .very artistic/fun ideas . . . if you want the name, ask me? So much yarn/WIP/ so little time! And then there are all the inspiring BLOGS!!! Since I'm also into watercolor I'm checking out those blogs, too!! Good thing my kids are grown and gone and that I have to lie down a lot, cuddling w/laptop and Poppy black Chihuahua, who doesn't mind me trailing yarn strands/projects over her body/head/ears while I knit. I just have to wash items I'll give away so there are no tell-tale short black hairs included, esp for BABY GIFTS!! I'm OK w/short black hairs . . . as they say, my outfit wouldn't be complete w/out them!!

    By Blogger Janet, At 10:42 AM  

  • This is a test

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:20 PM  

  • This is a test

    By Anonymous Barbara, At 8:21 PM  

  • testing again

    By Anonymous barbara, At 8:29 PM  

  • Knitting/trying a "necklace" type scarf. Using 4 fine/thin, beautiful yarns, size 17 needles, co 3 sts, using simple patt I use for other scarves, maybe some "free-style" sections? Could be worn as a belt, too. No wool, summer yarns.
    Thinking instead of embroidery floss I'll get some color coordinated sz 10 crochet cotton that would accept beads. I read a hint about threading beads onto yarn . . . use floss threaders. I use Butler kind of blue floss threader since I had to have a crown bridge put in. I can usually get them online @, but they's not had them so I found them wholesale online @ dental depot or some such $1.68 for a pkg of 24. They are small/flexible enuf to go thru small bead openings. But, I have yet to try that.
    I have/am reactivating/cleaning out paint palettes, so I'm "almost there" to do some of that. I think the beading stuff will be a sit up activity, so I'll get to that when I get to it. I've also experimented w/the Crystal Palace cotton chenille using the washcloth patt we got online. I'm messing w/gauge, how big I want it, how much it shrinks, etc. Not as absorbent as I'd hoped but maybe after a few more washings?
    Bid "correctly" on eBay using 10 day free trial software from . . . learning the ropes of how buy on eBay. . . so much YARN!!

    By Blogger Janet, At 10:33 AM  

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