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Saturday, April 09, 2005

My First Post

Welcome, friends and family! I finally did it! My blog template is set up and I can start. Woo-hoo! I am not sure that I have much to say that will be of great interest, but... Here goes!

I have been fascinated with the multitudes of interesting and provocative (in a good way) knitting blogs that I have viewed. Lots of knitting inspiration, advice, and encouragement. Most of the bloggers I have read are very experienced. As a newbie, some of this can be intimidating. So I intend to write about (at least in the beginning) my milestones as a knitter. And as a computer operator. I have not yet learned how to upload pictures to the site...Hoping for the best in a week or two. (When work issues diminish and time allows.)

Note: in Alaska, the daylight is expanding exponentially it seems! Last night as we exited the "movie theater" at (9:30 pm) it was still "light". Love it. And the snow piles are diminishing. Soon it will be time to "wash the car". (Which causes it to rain here, for those unfamiliar to Alaska.) Temperatures during the day are heading towards "50", but we have freezing still at


  • I love this!! A great blog-site name "Knitting E-scape"!! I, too, am enjoying all the knitting resources on-line and my dear sister, Barbara, has sucked me into the stream of fun blogs and great info to bolster my renewed knitting "fever".
    Barb is amazing, she's made so many beautiful quilts and other sewn quilted projects, has a very busy life and then she took a knitting class, brot her knitting to Portland (OR) on a visit a few months ago and re-inspired me to pick up knitting again!! I'd stopped for a while because of "bad" hands . . . arthritis, "piano hands" (piano teacher) my doc husband calls them. BUT, re-starting knitting has gradually helped ease the arthritis, so that I'm able to play piano (gently) again and KNIT up a storm! I'm so thankful that BARB was the inspiration for this renewal of my knitting self!!
    Now, I must admit that I do have a yarn stash that says "YOU CAN NEVER DIE!!" So, Barbara has put a note, (with my permission & signature), inside the stash closet for all to see, claiming her rights that treasure trove should I expire before I've used it all. This "guilty pleasure stash is now "controlled". It's in portable bins, drawers in a converted clothes closet, i.e., it now has shelves in the bays where clothes used to hang. (When my married daughter came home and saw that her room had been overtaken w/my watercolors and yarn, she said, perhaps a bit surprised, but mostly jokingly . . . "well, I see that you've not made my room a shrine". . .)
    I taught myself to knit in college as a "tension tamer" which it continues to be. I feel connected to the past while knitting, knowing that I'm doing something today that has been done for many generations, that has a long tradition of valuing things that are tangible & of lasting value and beauty.
    When I knit I feel calmer, like I have the time to do something so "old-fashioned" & elemental in nature. I sometimes find myself in an "in the zone" state of mind that emanate from the rhythmic, repetitive motions of my hands as I make (try to) something beautiful. I have some skeins of yarn not stowed in my stash closet bins or drawers, but on a shelf in my bedroom bookcase just because they are so beautiful, I want to be able to look at them all the time.
    I've knit a lot of intricate things in the past, christening gowns for my babies, sweaters, afghans and the lot, but now I'm doing the "today" fashion things that are easier and don't have to fit anyone exactly!! However, I have never knit cables, socks or used double pointed needles!! Now, Barb has/is doing all that. Now I'm trying to catch up to my "baby sister's" newbie knitting skills. (Her work looks wonderful)!

    By Blogger Janet, At 1:06 PM  

  • Mom's got me using blogger now. Gone are the days of spending three hours updating one paragraph on the clunky old website.

    This is sweet.

    Mom, your website is cool!

    By Blogger Package Ninja, At 9:56 PM  

  • I have the most amazing family. They are sooo supportive and say wonderful things about me, even though they are, well, opinionated. More about my family in future posts...the odd and the unusual and the beautiful and brilliant. Can't wait to see what Tim has to blog about in the days to come...I'm sure we'll hear more about the adventures of James Polk and his mandarin revolution capers. Hee hee. I'm up to my eyeballs in PowerPoint today!

    By Blogger Barbara, At 10:58 PM  

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