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Monday, April 25, 2005

Blog Troubles and I Love Socks!

Yesterday I intended to publish the RAOK button. I followed the directions from the website. I am not sure whether I was successful (the button didn't appear, so maybe that is a hint). What I did succeed in doing was change the font style and the background. I am hoping that in a week or so I will have some "tech support" to set me on the straight and narrow.
What is RAOK? Random Acts of Kindness. Visit this site: Fiber ROAK
I am waiting to see if the ring is closed or if I can be on a waiting list.
Here's the site where I linked to the Fiber Roak. Laura: Knits for Sanity
Now, when I get my "sidebars" working, I will post a "Blogs I read" section. And thanks, Laura, for listing my blog! The pressure is on! To keep up that is. :)

I am on the final stretch, heading toward the toe on the matching sock! I have actually done a better job on my second sock, so the first is the official "learner sock". And because I love these socks and beautiful sock yarn, I went online today and ordered a new pair of Birkenstock's so I can show them off! At Birkenstock Central I found a pair of *on sale* sandals! Hopefully they will be tasteful enough for wearing to work...
I am loving making socks! I can actually turn a heel, pick up and knit, and make a nice heel gusset. Wowee.
Yarn/Quilt shop news: Saturday was sale day/class sign-up day at one of the LYS/LQS destinations. I only signed up for two classes, which really aren't classes. One is Friday Blockbusters. I'm hoping for motivation to finish quilt projects. The other is basically an excuse to sit and knit with an experienced knitter/instructor available. I also *gasp* looked at yarn. What did I buy?? Only two hanks of gorgeous Lorna's Laces sock yarn! A real cool splurge. I had been coveting this yarn, but decided not to buy any until I was sure I could knit a decent sock...I have been rewarded. Still waiting on the upload picture problem to be solved because this yarn is worth a picture. The color is called "Mixed Berries". Does that give a hint as to the colorway?
As I stood at The Yarn Branch (matching colors of reinforcing yarn) another customer was also perusing sock yarn. She said she was looking for yellow to make socks for her daughter. There was no yellow in the sock colors....I wanted to say, try a non-sock yarn! But, not knowing much about socks (yet) I didn't say anything. Later, as I was scouting out the rest of the stock, I saw a lovely yellow in the baby yarn section. Hmmm. I also found the book that Poor Miss Finch mentioned the other day. I was reading this book over the weekend, along with some other stuff about socks, and as far as I can figure out, you don't have to only make socks out of designated sock yarn! Epiphany! So I got some reinforcing thread for my eBay alpaca yarn! I figured out the gauge, and I will soon have some lovely blue alpaca socks (well, wait, maybe they will move farther down the list, closer to next winter)...Another confession: Last week I picked up a couple skeins of Brown Sheep's "Wildfoote": one shade is Elderberry and the other is a lovely purple. So, I definitely need the new Birkenstocks!
Other news: DH is again in Seattle. I am off work for a couple weeks, although I will go in tomorrow to work on charts and correspondence leftovers from last week. It is sunny and heading toward 60 degrees, so as I was raking the yard earlier, I felt hot. Outside! Amazing. Doggie Therapy is visiting today and will spend the night, as she has her eye doctor appointment in the morning. I love this dog. DS and DDIL are grilling salmon outside tonight and I will join them, yum!


  • I'm so glad that you signed up for Fiber RAOK! I hope that you get in soon. It's a great group. Don't worry about keeping up with your blog. It really takes a while to get a hang of everything. It took me a month or two.
    I started with blogger but found it too difficult and switched to typepad. You have to pay for typepad but they do a lot of the guess work for you, which I needed. You might want to check it out.
    I am also loving socks. I finished my first on today. I want to try Lorna's Laces too. You'll have to tell me how much you love it.
    Oh and by the way once you get this blogging thing figured out, there are ways to get more readers. You can be a member of all kinds of rings. Check the ones out on my blog to see what I mean.
    Sorry about the REALLY LONG comment! Take Care!

    By Anonymous Laura, At 11:36 PM  

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