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Friday, April 15, 2005

A Trip to the Yarn Store: Therapy after a difficult week

One of my favorite LYS is now carrying a huge and diverse amount of Lorna's Laces yarn! I finally got to see and's all very tempting, and I now understand the blogs that talk about these coveted fibers. I did not buy any. I need to save up. I did buy a few other items that weren't so spendy, though. More later on the new sock obsession that drives me onward, even though I am stuck after finishing the heel flap on my first pair. Back to another LYS tomorrow to ask for help...
Which is fine, since I need the therapy. I have some doggie therapy this weekend as well, and perhaps I can photograph said therapist and manage to upload a picture...will see how the weekend progresses.
And, oh yes, my weekend started today. A wonderful Friday off. I spoke sternly to myself on my way home yesterday evening that I would start some lists: "Why I love my Job" and the counterpoint: "Why I want to retire". Not that it makes much difference, but the goal would be to keep the "why I love my job" list longer than the other evil list. Time off is great: I am so thrilled when I can go to bed and slide the button on my clock to the off position: the button that silences the dreaded alarm...ahhhh....sleep.
I hope to make some progress on the socks over the weekend, but this week I have been working on a simple lace scarf, mainly because it requires little thought, looks good, and provides the escape I desire. And this week called for intense escape and therapy. But I am needing to finish the socks, since I found some lovely sock yarn to come later.
The DH will be gone over the weekend, and while I have many "household management" projects to accomplish, I will fill lots of time with "handwork", I am sure.
BTW, I am enjoying other blogs that are discussing the "Cable 8 along". It is tempting. Look here: She's on vacation, but is at least thinking about Cable 8 and has several links to other knitters that are in different stages with theirs. Including one total frog job...poor thing, the second try will be a charm.
Check it out and wish Rebecca luck!
And, Janet, cotton yarn and beads sound wonderful...but beads are quite a challenge. Still haven't made any progress on my beaded scarf.


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