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Monday, May 02, 2005

Purple splendor socks

I can't wait to post a picture. Tech support arrives on Wednesday. Tech support may be way too busy to get my photos posted or we may decide to ditch the whole blog and move it to typepad... who knows? I may have to figure it out all by myself.
In the meantime, good news: doggie therapy is quite recovered from her output escapades of last week. She finished her antibiotics today! We have normal output, and back to doggie kibbles instead of gourmet meals. I will put the rice cooker back in the pantry!
Purple splendor lace socks are coming along fine. It's a rhythm of lace. I hope they fit. I have made so many mistakes, but I don't care enough to frog. (The second sock will be better, I can feel it.) The way I see it, if anyone gets close enough to my legs to pick out the mistakes in my purple socks, we have a bigger problem than the mistakes in the sock.
Other than that, I am doing quite a bit of cleaning up, cleaning out and organizing of my "stash" as well as other paperwork type stuff. Not much knitting going on here. I did look at this today. Hard to beat the prices! Knit Picks or Elann? Choices, choices. Oh, wait. I'm not buying anything! I keep forgetting. For those who need help with the stash problem, read this.


  • Purple Splendor socks!! How lovely!! I can hardly wait to see them either on blogsite or when you visit!! I've been looking for purple socks in the store, but now I think I might knit some? I did finish my 1st sock! It's a bit short, tho' I thot I measured right. Oh well, I could frame it, but then maybe the boo boos would be more noticeable than if it were on my foot. So, my dilema . . . do I knit a "mate" which will be a fraternal twin at best or do 2 more of the same. I liked that I used worsted wt yarn and sz 4 DPs for 1st ever DP project on a light, pink yarn. I could see it better than a swatch I knit using Paton's Kroy sock yarn. (Read, "lots of boo boos). Another part of dilema is that it's summer and I want to knit a lighter weight, lacy yarn. I think I'm going to get some Bryspun DP needles. Bryspuns are flexible, so maybe I'll stab myself in the palm less? Altho', maybe when I'm more practiced the non-flexi DPs I have will work better. I knit lying down and put a pillow on my tummy so that helps "hold" the needles not in use. I did have the "fall off the needle" phenom when finishing the last toe decreases but managed to pick them up, but you can tell that I had "trouble". Oh well, I'm excited that I made a sock. Knit ON!!

    By Blogger Janet, At 9:07 AM  

  • I haven't ordered from knitpicks or Elanns. I have heard that both have yarns for great prices. I'm going to be "enhancing" my stash soon. I'm definently going to check out both stores.

    By Anonymous laura, At 3:02 PM  

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