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Friday, April 29, 2005

Slip, slip knit boo boo

Yesterday I cast on a new sock from Knit Socks. It's an easy, lacy pattern which includes lots of ssk stitches. I *thought* I knew how to perform that stitch, but was dreading doing them, since each round has 8 and ssk requires such a maneuvering process in order to knit the slipped stitches. I decided to double check the technique in my handy illustrated how-to book. Yikes. What I had been doing was wrong. No wonder the dread. I discovered that instead of inserting the left needle from the bottom (into the slipped stitches), you actually insert the left needle from the top. a bit easier. duh.
Today was a "down time" day. Felt miserable. Not even feeling much like knitting. Yesterday was very busy. We had doggie "issues" again, which necessitated a late afternoon trip to the vet. More medicine. Doggie is better today. I am recovering. Glad to have some time off work for the rest. Doggie therapy is going home for the weekend. I will have withdrawal. We are having custody issues.
Good Site:
I discovered a good site called Knitter's Review . Check this out, I thoroughly enjoyed the comments about Knit Picks yarns and am anxious to try them! (It will be awhile since I must save up and knit/reduce the stash, ya know??)


  • I also have to wait to order from knit picks. I don't wanna! I can't wait to try their sock yarn.

    By Anonymous laura, At 11:13 PM  

  • I have 5.5" of "leg" of MY FIRST SOCK done. Tho' I've knitted for a long time, I have knit an "interpretation" of the ribbing. I've picked up dropped sts that eluded me by sliding off the DP's that I've not ever used before, but, I'M NOT RE-DOING them!
    It's addicting!! I've not tried something really "new" for me for a while, so I'm getting a charge out of actually seeing a sock start to materialize.
    I know, I'm not to the heel flap yet. I'll keep knitting the leg (maybe til it's a true winter knee sock, just for the experience of working w/DP's before I do heel)?
    I'm thinking I'll add some washable novelty yarn on the cuff? You know, like a furry "collar" or I could have knit some eyelets into the ribbing to add some ribbon yarn. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!! I love this!!
    Dear Whitney!! You are such a good doggie "G'Ma"!!!
    I want some Knit Picks sock yarn too!! Elizabeth Zimmerman,an almost legendary/opinionated knitter, whose daughter and hubby run Knit Picks (I learned this from their free catalog)wouldn't suffer foolish yarn lightly. So I think they've got some good stuff.

    By Blogger Janet, At 8:02 AM  

  • I meant that BARB is a great doggie G'Ma for poor Whitney doggie!

    By Blogger Janet, At 8:05 AM  

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