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Saturday, May 21, 2005

What's This???

The first pair of socks on the left and #1 purple splendor on the right. Posted by Hello
Can you believe it? I obviously have some "work" to do on lighting. I am excited that a picture finally transferred! Now I know that the heel on the single purple splendor sock on the right looks like I must have mutant heels. I don't. It's a function of how I just plunked the sock down and snapped the photo in an attempt to attempt the process again. So now, onward!
I actually have been knitting on the second purple sock--about 3 inches so far and the lace pattern in a little better. The goobers are smaller. Next socks will be plain ribbed, I am sure about this. Work has been busy this week, so knitting time has been minimal. Next weekend, I will be on vacation, so I should have plenty of time for knitting, especially on the airplane.


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