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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Bah on the Pictures!

I am frustrated! I spent a great deal of time working with the picture posting problem. I know there is probably a simple explanation why my test photo is grey! Has anyone used Picasa? This is the program that blogger uses for posting pictures. I followed the instructions. I need tech support!
I will try again when my frustration level has receded a bit.
Yesterday was guild afternoon. Knitters of the North. I assumed the role of Charity Coordinator. The current project is knitting teddy bear sweaters for our July "Teddy Bear Picnic". We will have the Police and Fire departments attending this picnic at which time we will be donating 4o very cute teddy bears, all with hand-knitted sweaters. I started my bear sweater yesterday and have the front completed. There *will* be a picture when I get the photo loading stuff worked out. More about charity knitting in the future...
I am almost finished with the sock. It has so many goobers, but I will wear it proudly. I will immediately start the twin. I will not succumb to the dreaded SSS because I am determined that the second sock will show improvement. Positive thinking.
The current interest is socks and teddy bear sweaters. I admit that my attention span is way too short. So, besides socks, I am resolving to complete UFOs over the summer and not get sucked into the new project black hole. That and a lot of other resolutions.


  • I'll look into the picture thing for you. Maybe i can get an answer.

    Also, I hate soliciting for things, but this is for charity. I started a charity knitting project called The Preemie Project. It's really taking shape. If you happen to have any extra bears we would take them off your hands. I would love to help you out in any way as well. I really hope this wasn't out of line. I've just been searching everywhere to find people to help with the cause.

    Your blog is looking great! Don't worry. It's frustrating at first but everything will work out!

    By Anonymous Laura, At 4:40 PM  

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