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Monday, April 02, 2007

Rowan Cork!

I was at a "sit and sew" at the LQS on Saturday night. This one is called "Stash Busters" and is an opportunity to work on a project of your choice with a teacher present to help with any problems or give advice if needed. It's fun because all the attendees participate by helping anyone who need it! Anyway, during the course of the evening, I wandered through the yarn shelves and stumbled upon some Rowan Cork, which I thought was discontinued (it is). They had more than 1 ball, so I found enough for a small project I'd been wanting to make that specifies Cork. Anyone out there used the stuff? It's a substantial worsted weight, a braided yarn of 95% merino and 5% nylon. It's a dream to knit. The fabric is soft and fabric-like. I'm not really sure how to describe it, but I am finding that it will be perfect for the item I'm making. Can't say more right now.

And here are some visitors that we've had over the past week or so.

Dumb mooses. They eat the good stuff, like the lilac bushes and apple trees. Shoo!

Check this out if you like dishcloths. I joined the KAL. During the first week of the month, several lines of the pattern are given each day. I was told that this one is "Just in time for Easter". The idea is that the design is a mystery until the "reveal" as the pattern!

And on the work front: I'm being a procrastinator of.gigantic proportions. It has to stop.


  • I had this nice long comment, and then poof... it was gone. That cork does look lovely. I wonder what kind of "small" project it's for.

    Go away moosey-poo, they worked hard on those lovely trees.

    By Blogger Katie Jo, At 3:35 PM  

  • I believe I have a bag of the yarn somewhere in my stash, nice to hear good things about it ;) I've been wanting forever to knit something with it then the cold is gone(almost, anyway) and spring is coming, so it'll have to wait till next winter.
    Anyway, I've never seen a mooses before!

    By Blogger yuvee, At 3:04 PM  

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