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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Purple Splendor (Goober!) Socks are done
Here they are! From Knit Socks byBetsy Lee McCarthy. Peaks 'n' Valleys. The lace is very simple. It's just that distractions cause goobers. It was a quality decision to let the goobers remain. They fit. They are purple. I will wear them! Oh yes: Brown Sheep Wildfoote is the yarn.


  • I love your socks!! My LL yarn is wound for my purple socks, but I'm thinking that I might use a less expensive plain purple for my first pair trying a pattern sock? Then again, it does take a lot of time to knit a beautiful sock, so I'll just be brave and do the LL purple? Of course, I'd planned to do Koigu turquoise colorways, since I'm currently wearing a lot of turq/aqua stuff. So many lovely options!!!

    By Blogger Janet, At 2:49 PM  

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