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Monday, June 20, 2005

I couldn't help it, it's not my fault

Sock swatch!
Click to enlarge! I figured out how to take a picture on close up. It takes longer for some of us to learn these things.
I had a conversation with my sister today. I asked her how many batches of sock yarn she had--meaning how many different sock yarns to make how many potential pairs of socks. I told her that I was not trying to give her a bad time; rather I wanted to make myself feel better. She said 10. I did a quick count and he he, I have only 7. I must be a better woman. Well, you see, pride cometh before a fall...That was before I went to the LYS for an innocent set of #3 dpns. Like I said, it wasn't my fault. Look what I ended up with! It's 75% cotton and 25% nylon. I think it will be perfect with jeans.
Now I know that some family members read this blog. Please calm down. The sock yarn vs drinking at the bar: it could be worse, much, much worse. And for those who are still concerned: I *promise* to discuss the problem with my therapist.


  • You ARE RIGHT!! It's not your/my fault!! Those silly yarn stores, catalogs, magazines, books are all OUT TO GET US!!! Who could be expected to resist the pure beauty found in all these places. My dear child, I absolve you . . .

    So, you OUTTED ME!!!
    But I DON'T MIND at all. SOCK YARN, a truely BEAUTIFUL thing!!
    I did count up sock yarn I've purchased since you instigated me to knit socks. I have enuf for 10 pair. I previously got Kroy Sock yarn to use as a carry along in scarves, so I'm not counting that. I also not counting the worsted & DK yarns that I have or could make sock from. I'm counting the Regia, LL and Koigu.

    Earlier this am, I was reading about socks in the _Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns_ (Ann Budd) re legs of socks. In reference to my saying to CO w/larger needle, I find she has suggested on p 46, that you work the upper part of the leg in the larger size needle to allow for calf fullness. Great idea!! Who knows what we can learn if we read the directions!!
    I'm still sticking to my (supported) opinion that single rib (K1,P1) is the most elastic. I guess I forgot if I read that somewhere or just knew from experience? Ann B, on p 53 on "Personal touches" page describes single rib as most elastic. But you were trying for comfort and I don't know how my double rib (worsted wt) and my Regia single rib will feel after wearing for a while.

    By Blogger Janet, At 9:14 AM  

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