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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Seriously ROAKed and BENIGN!

Flower Surprise!
Thank you, everyone for your well-wishes! The pathology on the biopsy indicated a benign fibroadenoma. Relief floods me. Thank you, God! I have much empathy for anyone having to go through this is draining.
These were on my porch when I came home from work today (I only worked a half-day). This was a beautiful expression of caring from my co-workers! It's so nice to have supportive people around me! Thank you so much.
AND, another major ROAK from my sister: a box of goodies in true "secret pal" style. I have only begun to open the little gifties. I plan to savor the experience over the next couple days! One of the surprises was a 3 CD set on managing stress and I am looking forward to listening and taking note! Lovely soft sockies, a chubby notebook and smiley faced sticky notes are what I've managed to open and enjoy so far. Thank you Janet! I Love You! and I will post photos this weekend.
Knitting News: None. Ha. Well, I am working on the everpresentneverending sockapal-2-za socks. These seem to be another episode of evidence for the recently discovered "black holes of knitting". I knit and knit and knit somemore and they don't get any longer. I fully realize that they will probably be ripe one morning over the weekend, and I will gladly (I tell you GLADLY) decrease and Kitchener the daylights out of their miserable little toes. (Oh, sorry, mom.) I am majorly interested in *moving on*. In many ways.
I have yet to show you a picture of the yarn I got for mother's day. Hmm...over the weekend.


  • That is AWESOME news!! I can't imagine the relief you must feel.

    By Blogger pleutim, At 4:10 AM  

  • Oh, hooray! I am so happy to hear that. I say you should celebrate this news with a gift of yarn for yourself!

    By Blogger Andrea, At 6:32 AM  

  • Wonderful news! So happy for you:)

    By Blogger Deb, At 8:51 AM  

  • Yippee!

    By Anonymous Bliss, At 4:57 PM  

  • What relief you must feel!! Waiting for an answer is difficult.

    As far as the camera case, I just made it up figuring length as I went along and then did a 3 needle bind off for the bottom. That way there's no grafting.
    Thanks for reading my blog! Now I have a new one to read!! My brother lived in Fairbanks for 5 years so I've visited Alaska a few times, beautiful state!

    I love your sockapal2za socks, I wish you were my pal ;-)

    By Blogger Carrie, At 4:58 AM  

  • FANTASTIC (huge sigh of relief!!)

    Now, take a deep breath, get your bearings, and have yourself a seriously good time enjoying your clean bill of health =)

    By Anonymous Dani, At 6:06 PM  

  • What such nice flowers, getting flowers as always put a smile on my face. And I am glad that you recieved good news. I am new to knitting and blogging and have enjoyed reading your. Have yourself a great day or evening.

    By Blogger Pammi, At 6:28 PM  

  • I've been reading through you recent posts in order this afternoon. I didn't think you had the news about your biopsy posted yet. I can't tell you how happy I am for you! Congratulations on getting through the past couple of days. You deserve a vacation from life! =0) All the well wishes, positive vibes, and prayers must have worked their magic. Congrats Barbara. I so hope that you're breathing deeply and taking it all in. Take some time to yourself b/c you deserve it. More BIG HUGS sent your way!

    By Anonymous Laura, At 11:27 AM  

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