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Saturday, July 16, 2005

More socks to come...

Here's what I got yesterday!
I'm mad at Barnes and Noble. I was there a week ago looking for this magazine, and they didn't have it. Same thing last night. It was not among the craft magazines in the usual place. Couldn't believe it. Then I happened to look along an adjacent wall and there it was, in a place of honor, with "reader's favorites"! And more copies than could possibly have fit in the rack where it normally lives. Guess the knitters have spoken! So I guess I'm not really mad; but it probably was there last week. They tricked me.
Now, the socks in the book. I am interested in Friday Harbor. But the charts! Can I do the charts??? Perhaps a swatch would be in order. Novel thought...


  • I just got knitting on the road too. I really love most of the patterns in there. i'm going to use one for sockapal-2-za. You're a sock knitting fool these days! Love seeing all your finished socks! =0)

    By Anonymous Laura, At 8:15 PM  

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