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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Awww! Cute!

Baby Quilt
Here's the baby quilt I finished this weekend. I'm not that great at the actual quilting, but I made it to the bitter end with this one. I had to finish hand sewing the binding on the way to the shower, but it got finished. Click for a closer view. I hope the new baby will enjoy it, or at least mom hangs it on a wall!


  • My AMAZING sister!!! How lovely she is and her handmade quilts, knits, on and on!! Am I proud? YES!!! Bravo!!

    By Blogger Janet, At 8:38 PM  

  • oh that's gorgeous! I want to learn how to quilt. My granmother is an amazing quilter. I don't think that my back could take it. Someday I'll learn to quilt. For now I can look at what you've quilted and be very very jealous. =0)

    By Anonymous Laura, At 9:56 PM  

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