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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sockapal-2-Za! Progress: I'm in Love

Sock Revealed

I'm totally in love with Lorna's Laces: the feel, the knittability and smoothness! Being a new knitter, making this sock has caused me some angst. I want it to fit my pal. So I made the decision to go with comfort and (hopefully) fit. The top 2 inches is 2x2 rib with US 1.5 needles. Then I switched to 1x1 rib with US 1s. It's been fun watching the pattern change with the change in rib. Since I am a lover of "cool" colors, I want to see more of the blue and purple, and I want the purple to not always be combined with the red. But you take what you get and it's interesting to watch the color "stripes" spiral around the sock. It's wild how the hank to ball to sock progression isn't at all what I imagined (being inexperienced with yarn and its wild ways). I *like* this colorway, but I wouldn't necessarily choose it for myself. I think it may be perfect for my pal, though! We shall see.


  • The sock is looking great so far! I like the colorway too. Very pretty! Thank you for the b-day wishes on my blog. Very sweet of you to think of me.
    Oh now you're making me want to knit with Lorna's. I never have before. OH I'm missing out! HUGS

    By Anonymous Laura, At 5:01 PM  

  • I like the combo ribbing your're doing!! How fun. Who knew how LL Shep Sock would look in each of 3 forms: hank, ball and sock!! A lovely palette to work with! I agree about liking cool colors, but warm colors work for so many people. She'll be so happy to get these! Bravo! Now, I think I'll wind (DH will) 2 hanks of my LL "Iris Garden" and I may just have to start on that. I, too am going to try to do both socks at once. I'll have to see if I have 2 sets of DP's in size required. Oh!! That might mean I HAVE TO GO to the LYS!!!

    By Blogger Janet, At 6:42 PM  

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