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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Misc Stuff, Knitting and what-not

Not much knitting time with working and life "stuff". Pictures *later* of "the socks". I don't know whether or not to be distressed about "the socks". I began the 2nd sock, and not only is it a "fraternal twin" but maybe not a twin at all; more like a 2nd cousin. I would not have guessed that the same yarn would have knitted up so differently, based on where it was started, I guess...Hmmm...wondering what others do, and if it is a serious problem. Do I frog and try again? How can a person calculate where to begin with the matching sock? And in my haste to start the 2nd sock, I accidentally snipped the yarn and now I am at the knot that DH tied before we wound the I need to graft the yarn together *or something like that*: don't want a knot in a sock, for crying out loud!
News in the Great Land includes rampant wild fires. 'Tis the season. Woke up Tuesday night at 1am to a pungent burning smell: the winds had shifted and smoke from the Kenai peninsula fires had drifted into my bedroom. Ugh. Batten the hatches and sweat.
Tomorrow night is my Friday night quilting session. Not sure what I'll work on. It's been a draining work week and my energy level is low. But these sessions provide "motivation" to finish projects and a fun time with other quilters... Pictures? I promise more later in the weekend. Stay tuned!


  • Well . . . in looking @ the sock yarn I have, more specifically the sock yarn the DH has WOUND (looks so DIFFERENT wound, esp my LL colorways), I realized that doing 2 socks together to get "perfect twins" would be a TOTAL crapshoot (pardon my French!!).

    This is how I think about it now. I'm using the same yarn, same colorways, same dyelot . . . OK the socks WILL BE TWINS only because of the aforementioned. They WILL NOT begin and end with the same "phase" of the colorway unless I and they are transported to the planet of Perfectly Matched Knitting!

    Besides that, I saw in a sock book that shows that some sock pairs are made with contrast toes and heels of completely UNMATCHED colors, tho' they blend/go with the color of the sock pair illustrated.

    I, myself, am planing use Koigu purple colorways and Koigu Lilac colorways to do cuff/heel/toe of each sock in the reverse color of the body of each sock. So, if I do cuff/heel/toe of one sock in lilac colorways, the body of the sock will be in the deeper purple colorways. The "twin" will be done reversely (if that's a word?)
    (Just started knitting a pair of Koigu turquoise/teal colorways w/ sz 2 DPs & K2,P2 rib & I LOVE THIS YARN!)

    Anyway, this abovementioned planned purple/lilac "pair" of socks will alert anyone who notices, that my socks fit my personality or mood of the day, i. e. I like to play with color and, YES, sometimes I'm at odds with myself!! So, sock on!!

    (Comments/help/criticism welcome!)

    By Blogger Janet, At 9:02 AM  

    I've seen websites where knitters are "pooling" colors to get various colorways to "match"? Here's one I found when I typed
    "knitting + "pooling" colors" into GOOGLE.

    There are lots of other sites . . . so, if you think it's worth a try . . . SOCK ON!!

    By Blogger Janet, At 10:26 AM  

  • Good luck with the socks. sorry to hear about your frustrations! Have a great holiday weekend! You too Janet! =0)

    By Anonymous Laura, At 9:27 PM  

  • So, you finished the first sock and now have started the second with a second hank? Did the hanks look the same before you wound them? You might frog the second one and see if you can't start at the same spot in the color progression as you did with the first one. Adjusting your gauge a little may help it pool more similarly to the first one.

    Best of luck with the socks!

    By Blogger alison, At 11:22 AM  

  • I don't know if it's possible to get LL's to match perfectly. I just don't think their dye jobs are even that precise. I think that's part of the charm, really. I had two skeins from the same dye lot, and I thought the intersections between the colors produced different shades in the two skeins even. I wouldn't worry about it -- fraternal twins are okay!

    If you want to see how my LL's socks turned out, they're here: Comparing row by row, they don't match, but I think overall they match well enough! :)

    By Blogger Andrea, At 8:09 PM  

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