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Monday, July 04, 2005

Sock News. Frightening.


This is so hard. I think I will bid a fond fairwell to
sock #1 (actually the one on the right). The one I
introduced last week. I have worked with this guy. I frogged (because of a mistake that I couldn't overlook). I have spoken nicely and severly. I have thought both good and bad thoughts. This sock won't behave. I even moved the yarn and continued on in a different sequence. I don't know my sock pal well enough to know if she is into "strange and funky" socks. I'm kinda mad because I kinda want to just go on with it and if they are too funky, I could keep them for myself and start again with a less behaviorly challenged yarn for my sock pal. (I am a product knitter.) Thanks, Alison. It's too far gone to be a gauge thing, I think. The one on the left (the second sock I started) is much more "normal" and behaving like a perfect child. I even like it better, much better. The trick is exactly how to start again in the same place in the color sequence. It's a very good thing that I have a couple more months to get this "better" (notice, I did not say "right"). I still enjoy the LL yarn, but until I figure this out, I am sticking with a yarn that is more well-behaved color-wise!


  • Oh, I spoke too soon! Still, I don't think it's you, I really do think it's the nature of the yarn. Maybe you could come back to this yarn in the future with a pattern that might hide some of the weirdness?

    By Blogger Andrea, At 8:12 PM  

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