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Friday, June 22, 2007

Hello again.

I keep on telling myself that it's way past time to post to my blog, but I usually feel like it's too much bother, no one reads it, and I have nothing to say. All true (except my daughter's-in-law are regular readers), but still. I also have nagging thoughts about continually forgetting to document what I'm knitting or sewing. I think about the multiple items I've given away and never taken a picture of... anyway....
Earlier this week I received notice that I had passed my CDE exam successfully! I wasn't surprised that I passed, but it was a great relief to get the official letter and permission to use the credential. It is important to our clinic and a job requirement; since it's budget season for the hospital, it's helpful for the administration to recognize that all the clinic providers are certified! Other than that, we're trying to keep a low profile. I don't know what else we can cut!
Knitting has been lean here in terms of anything noteworthy to show. BUT, I still would like to post my version of Yarn Harlot speaks! I'll aim for getting to that over the weekend...


  • Hi,

    Your Sock Pal here.......I've been planning your socks. I have the yarn selected. Next, I need to settle on a pattern. I hope you like them! Also, someone has been reading your blog - me!

    By Blogger Elisa, At 1:07 AM  

  • Congrats on passing the test!! Saw pictures of you and Dale with the Yarn Harlot on another Alaska knitters website. Passed my glucose tolerance test too. Your dishcloths (above) look lovely. I'm looking forward to visiting in a couple weeks.

    By Blogger Katie Jo, At 11:03 PM  

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