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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ane the winner is: Pammi!

Pammi was the first to bite the hook, so to speak and ask for the yarn. She wants to make some coin purses and cell phone holders for some teens in her church. Thanks to all the RAOKers who wrote...I do want to apologize for this not being random, but some of the stuff I have is best passed along to someone who truely wants it!
Visit Pammi at her site and take a look, wish her well. Hopefully she will send me some photos when she finishes her projects! The yarn will go out tomorrow.
Knitting News: he he. sock 1 just needs to be kitchenered. Sock 2's toe is being worked on and will be ready for grafting tomorrow. Then Alison can put me in the finished column! Pictures then. Also of the mystery marvelous yarn from Janet! Today is a lazy, lay around, tired, headache day. Tomorrow will be better, but it's nice to do nothing and just relax.
(Glad you're back, Laura, and thanks for the encouraging words!)


  • How nice of you to give away all that yarn! I can't wait to see how her coin purses and etc. turn out :)

    Looks like you have been going through a lot lately... I hope all is well :)

    Alaska! How cool! I almost made it up there for my grad. research...

    By Blogger Dani, At 3:45 PM  

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