Knitting E-scape

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Knits

I'm not really sure about dishcloths. I do love to use. the. handknits. but I also hesitate. I usually feel that they should be gifts, not kept for my own use. That's why many of mine are "practice dishcloths". If I try a new pattern and make a lot of mistakes, I often just continue on with the learning process and then knit the pattern again. This weekend, I finally finished the mid-monthly dishcloth for this group.I had problems with the pattern; I just wasn't getting the p2tog-b. I had to check out some instructional websites and then try and try it again.

Above is my first try. I didn't like the border too much, so I changed it for the second try, below:

I did 5 rows of seed stitch then 4 rows of stockinette; I also increased the seed stitch side borders from 3 to 5 stitches. Much nicer. Color is Ecru, yarn is Sugar and Cream cotton.

Next, I was itching to make another "ballband" dishcloth. (Mason-Dixon Knitting). Then I got started on a new slip stitch dishcloth pattern from Creative Knitting. I'm not taking progress photos of dishcloths.

Next topic (tomorrow?): Sockapalooza! (Yeah!, I heard from my sock pal!)
My socks have been started; they aren't for the faint of heart, no matter what Alison says.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hello again.

I keep on telling myself that it's way past time to post to my blog, but I usually feel like it's too much bother, no one reads it, and I have nothing to say. All true (except my daughter's-in-law are regular readers), but still. I also have nagging thoughts about continually forgetting to document what I'm knitting or sewing. I think about the multiple items I've given away and never taken a picture of... anyway....
Earlier this week I received notice that I had passed my CDE exam successfully! I wasn't surprised that I passed, but it was a great relief to get the official letter and permission to use the credential. It is important to our clinic and a job requirement; since it's budget season for the hospital, it's helpful for the administration to recognize that all the clinic providers are certified! Other than that, we're trying to keep a low profile. I don't know what else we can cut!
Knitting has been lean here in terms of anything noteworthy to show. BUT, I still would like to post my version of Yarn Harlot speaks! I'll aim for getting to that over the weekend...