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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Wedding Quilt for Tim and Katie

Tim and Katie (and DH) holding the Quilt
Tim and Katie will celebrate their first wedding anniversary this Sunday, August 7th. Congratulations! This is something I made for them (yes, I'm slow). It's a queen size quilt (Starr Designs) in hand-dyed cotton. It was fun to make! I am glad that it is in the hands of the owners! All finished and quilted! Next project: UFOs and something new that I am starting this weekend. (super secret silence)
Knitting Content
Hmm. Still on the sock thing. Pictures in a few days. Almost to the toe decreases on mom's sock. Started a new pair in more Lorna's Laces. NO, I still haven't grafted the toes on the sockapal-2-za socks. Soon, I tell ya, soon...
I got some stitch markers from Janet! Pictures over the weekend, promises, promises!


  • That quilt is amazing! I cannot believe you made that... I know I will get into quilting someday... my mom was really into it for a long time. I really wish I could be right now, but knitting seems to dominate! Wonderful job!

    By Blogger Dani, At 10:54 AM  

  • How beautiful!! Thank you for the picture. How blessed T & K are to have your love shown so beautifully in their home.

    By Blogger Janet, At 3:45 PM  

  • To Cute. i knwo so many Tim and Katie pairs. A friend of mine is named Katie (Also) and her brother is Tim and I marred a Tim.
    By the Way I love the quilt.

    By Blogger Katie, At 3:10 PM  

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