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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Weekend Excursion

Mendenhall Glacier: evening view from the "office" window!
Who wouldn't love having to look at *this* all day??
We spent an evening with my son at his "office". Wow. Amazing. Too cool.
And over the weekend *lots* of knitting was done.
No pictures today of anything other than scenery. It was a good trip. The QUILT is in the hands of the owners, and tomorrow I promise to post a picture. That is, if I get out of my office at a reasonable time. Today and tomorrow were supposed to be days off for me, but some patients got put on my day off schedules anyway. And there's always paperwork to catch up on, time for the headaches I seem to be having a lot of, but that's another story.
Keep on looking, the mysterious son #2 is below with his dad. We had fun!


  • Dear Barbara, Wow! Janet showed me the link to your site, and I am so happy to find it again! I think I had seen it once before. What fun! Thanks for sharing your passion and gift for knitting! And here I was planning to wait until I retired to pick up knitting....Instead, I am picking up Spanish this year. Habla Espanol. Your sister, Ann

    By Anonymous Ann Walter, At 4:31 AM  

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